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If the requested page is not found on this web site, you are automatically refered to this page. If you are really 'lost' I am trying to help you not notice it so much. Sorry it's probably my bad. There is kind of an upheaval in progress due to expansion pains.

Right now, the main links are:

Ellie : "Welcome to the Skip_Space 404 Not Found Page! You are either looking for something that we do not have, or more probably you have been intentionally led here by the Home Page in an attempt to take advantage of the way it works. These pretend guys I'm pretending to represent will stop at almost nothing! Not to worry, its all in fun. As you may have previously read; 'Skip_Space is a web site of links, original end rhymes and fake characters and situations generated for recreational and educational benefits.' What the educational part of it all means is that we are publishing these pages with barely a clue to how-to-do-it."

This is not a picture, it is an HTML table with CSS code.
Now if I could just do curtains.